Whether you're an e-commerce solution provider, a branding agency or an independent developer of apps, we make it easy to work with us. We are currently building strategic partnerships with solution providers and e-commerce specialists, for developing and deploying retail apps. We offer full-featured API, extension framework and design studio to precisely deliver the solution that your clients are looking for. Sign up below for free to gain access to all of our tools 


Create new apps by using our design studio and wizard and 100’s of component based templates with pre-built functionality.



Extend and change virtually everything we have and/or create your own extensions to match your clients. requirements to



Deploy and maintain apps with ease with easy to upgrade tools and design studio to deliver changes on the fly.

Deploy and maintain
We believe in our partnerships and invest heavily to make sure we get you started on a right foot. Here is what we offer to our partners 
  • full access to Rest API for every entity in the system
  • extensive documentation on creating extensions
  • robust SDKs for every platform
  • pre-established connectors with several most popular e-commerce systems
  • extensible schema for primary system entities
  • comprehensive theme management tools and API’s to create your own themes
  • ability to override and replace pre-built functions with custom implementations